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Al-NAFATH Co. is an Iraqi company established in year 2003 and considered one of the specialized companies in Iraq currently working among AGMEST group of companies whom have ISO 9001/2010 certificate The company worked before the year 2003 under the name of AGMEST Co. within the Memorandum of Understanding and after its official establishment the company started to work under its own name within its felid of specialty which include marketing & promoting of a wide range of Engineering projects,equipments and machineries

Product Services


Medical Gases

Engineering solution, Design, selection, supply, install, maintain & train for the most advanced medical gases network equipment which include centralized oxygen supply equipment , vacuum, medical air, N2O manifold, CO2 manifold, AGSS. This also include medical gases accessories such as bed head unit, flow meter, portable suckers, oxygen regulator, gas outlets, etc.


Oxygen Plant

Oxygen,Nitrogen,Argon and other types of Air separation The oxygen plants services include but not limitted to: delivery ,preinstallation, comissioning and startup, operation and site training for all types of Air separation plants, tanks, supply systems, piping and all other types of equipment that lies in this field of category.


MEP works

The Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (MEP) works include but not limitted to: design works, out sourcing, implimentation, testing and handover of all types of MEP works for the building, factories, wavehouses, ....etc

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Dr.Eng.Saad Karam
Authorized General Manager
Ph D. Mechanical Engineering
Fluid and Heat Consultant
Eng.Khalid Al-Ezi
Medical Gases & Valves
General Manager Deputy
Mechanical Engineering
Eng.Ayser Abdulrazzak
Medical Gases
Consultant Engineer
Mechanical Engineering
Eng.Basheer Jasem
Marketing Engineer
Control and System Engineering




Karrada Kharij.Hay Babil, Dist. 905, St.7 , Bldg. No.33

P.O.Box: (2489) Jadriah Baghdad - Iraq


Office time: 8 AM - 4:00 PM

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